June 03, 2023

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Can the UPA be forgiven?

When the Pulwama attack happened, they again mocked our prime minister questioning him as to where is his ' 56 in ch ka seena' now?When he responded by air strikes destroying the Jaish-e-Muhammed terrorist camp in Balakot, again they were back at criticising and mocking the government. Their statements were being played on Pakistani television repeatedly. They sided with Pakistan and forgot about national interests completely. They demoralized and attacked the armed forces too. Can the opposition be forgiven for this.

During the campaign, the opposition were was ready to legitimatise ' tukde tukde' gang, drop sedition law, give a free way to Pakistan and so on. They created alliances based on caste and religion, incited muslim and dalit sentiments. Created a false environment of the country being in danger and praised Imran Khan as a harbinger of peace. Can the opposition be forgiven for this?

Now you guys tell me, wasn't the opposition working against National Interest? Weren't their policies and statements undermining India, helping Pakistan and China and belittling India internationally. And yet their supporters chose to ignore all these facts and continue to support them. Not only that, the supporters of the opposition parties even created false narratives and sold it to all nationally and internationally. Wouldn't such activities be called antinational. Then why shouldn't I call the opposition parties and their supporters antinationals-deshdrohis.

Tell me one incident when fair play politics was done by the opposition parties and their supporters and criticism done on legitimate grounds. They were busy with Prime Minister Modi's personal life, his degrees, clouds, digital cameras etc and created huge ruckus about such trivial things most of which were based on fallacious grounds. And then they are worried why we call all anti Modi people antinationals. The opposition parties are nothing but family business hungry for power. Every single one of them was interested in filling their own pockets and destroying India. Samajwadi party had no ' samaj' in them. Most of the seats were given to the family members of the Yadavs. The pseudo Gandhi but actually Nehru family held all the important posts of the congress party. Did they have the courage to promote good leaders like Capt Amrinder Singh to the national level? The answer is no.Then why shouldn't I call the supporters of these opposition parties as anti national.
With this I end my case!

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Last modified on Monday, 16 December 2019 15:04

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