March 03, 2024

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Lessons from victory of Arnab Goswami and Kangana Ranout

So Supreme Court nullifies abetment charges against Arnab Goswami. The apex court also warned the Maharashtra Govt and all other legislatives to not to use criminal laws to harass journalists. Arnab has moved to Noida studio now. Kangana Ranaut also wins case against Maharashtra govt as Bombay High Court terms the demolition of her building as illegal and has appointed an independent evaluator to value the damage incurred by Miss Ranaut that has to be paid by Bombay Municipal Corporation( controlled by Shiv Sena. It must be noted that BMC will be paying the damages through tax payers' money and it fought the case using tax payers' money and paid more than 1 crores to the lawyers. I wonder when will people of Maharashtra wake up to this illegality.

But the good thing is that the truth has won. Arnab has won and Kangana has won too. The radical left cabal tried to destroy the reputation of both the personalities but failed. Arnab and Kangana stood their ground and refused to relent in this fight.

People, the lesson learnt here is that evil may win sometimes, maybe most of the time. But their victory is only temporary and there is no glory in their victory. Maharashtra Govt of Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress has fallen flat on its face. But the best part is, when truth wins, the victory is permanent and you have a sense of glory in it. Tears of happiness flows and there is satisfaction in the heart.

It is time we gather our courage and learn to fight. Don't give in to evil prioritizing your immediate needs. Courage and truth always wins. It is only upon the warrior who refuses to relent that the truth wins. The struggle may get prolonged and vicious, but the warriors of truth win ultimately. We may hide behind our fears, but that would be it. We would continue to hide. But if you choose to stand up and fight against evil, it is during this time you will learn what you are made of and what your true mettle is. Warriors of truth have the courage to show their face in both victories and failures but the evil runs into burrows of hiding when it sees the truth win.

Have faith friends. Let your conscience awaken and let your voice be heard. The country is changing. Our motherland India is changing. We have already become what we are. But we live for a better future where our future generation can feel proud of us and feel proud in being Indian.

Remember if there is no nation with a system, there is no US. We are all going to die one day. Why not make our years of living count?


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Last modified on Friday, 27 November 2020 18:44

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