May 21, 2024

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Communism, once a people’s movement theorized by Karl Max has now become something so diabolical that threatens to swallow the entire world into a grim chaos. After the debacle of the USSR in 1991, the cold war came to an end. The communist states disintegrated worldwide. Many other communist countries apart from the USSR also began to deteriorate. Closer home, China adopted a dubious concept of becoming a quasi-Communist country, i.e., while the economy was opened for private investment and private ownership, the politics continued to be governed by the policy of one-party system. China did become quasi-communist economically, it also became quasi-dictatorial when the government suppressed its own people and when Xi-Jinping declared himself the president of People’s Republic of China for life.
Communism was at its peak in India during Indira Gandhi’s time when she, with the help of KGB, managed to get rid of Lal Bahadur Shastri and grab power. She then began a chain of nationalization of private assets. All private banks became public. Tata Airlines became Indian Airlines and Air India. Red tape had increased and private organizations and entities were seen with suspicion. While she and her party were being funded by the KGB with suitcases full of money arrived at her doorstep, the economy of the country continued to deteriorate. By the end of the 1980s our economy was shattered and by the time we reached 1988, India had already become a begging bowl in front of the world. It was the LPG policy (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization) of the Narasimha Rao govt that saved the country from getting into the grip of an economic chaos.
As the country saw economic progress for about two decades, the Left lost its importance and sheen and went losing seats after seats in almost all states barring Kerala. After a rule of more than 25 years, the Left were finally uprooted from Bengal by Mamata Banerji as well. The Left continue to enjoy power in Kerala. But it has less to do with the economic policies of the left but more to do with the fact that the state enjoys free income in the form of tourism that the state gets from both home-grown tourists and travellers from abroad.
After Narendra Modi came to power for a second term in 2019, the fear among the radical Islamists and the leftists has grown deeper. The Left has become restive. And along with them another group has grown restless: The Radical fundamentalists of Islam. Today, religion has lost its sheen. Through the world, religion alone cannot survive and be a source of power. Today, religion is not seen as a source of power. The whole of Europe which was once ruled by the church is now a democratic powerhouse. Religion never dominated industrial states like the USA or Japan. In communist states too, religion was never a powerful tool. The only countries where power is in sync with religion, or religion rules politics is in the Islamic countries. To ensure their power is not corrupted, they have destroyed all minorities in these Islamic states.
But the pressures of development and democracy, the two pillars of capitalism, is putting pressure on these Islamic states and choking them. They are forced to adopt modernization. Look at all Islamic countries which have embraced development or had to do so. Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh etc., here radical Islam is finding even lesser and lesser support. Saudi Arabia and many other Arabic countries are forced to embrace modernization and open their economy and ease the restrictions on the population slowly and gradually.
But those Islamic countries which failed to modernize has gone from good to bad to worse. Take the case of Afghanistan and Iraq. In the 1960s, women walked in skirts. By the beginning of the 21st century all of them were covered in hijab or burqa. Take the case of a modern state like Pakistan. The NATO member was considered a very progressive state when it gained independence in 1947 but that lasted for a very short time. Once the radicalization of Pakistan began, the country is caught in the grim grips of poverty and orthodoxy.

Until a few years back, radical Islam had lost its grip in those countries which are non-Islamic but a considerably big Muslim population exists. The modern Muslims embraced modernization, shunned hijabs and burqas, went to clubs to enjoy and asserted rights of their own. They shunned religious values and became pro-democracy and pro-capitalists. And then you has a well planned execution of a series of steps in the form of bomb blasts or other aggressive actions that turned the non-Muslim population against Muslims and they began to view the latter as ‘terrorists.’ This debilitated the Muslim population that was steering towards modernization and now they found themselves being directed towards those very institutions they were trying to shun: ones that belong to radical Islam. Once again, they became their champion and their protector. Once again, we began to see large chunks of radical Muslim men blocking roads in the name of prayers that they had to offer. Once again, we saw large number of these Muslim radicals capturing the political and democratic symbols of these countries and making a case for Islam.

The governments of these countries, such as the UK, France, the USA, Australia were then forced to take actions all institutions, religious or otherwise, who were promoting radical Islam. A few, like New Zealand chose to take compassionate grounds.
In India, the story is no different. Once Nehru died in 1964, with him, sanity in the Indian National Congress Party died. Lal Bahadur Shastri took over, but was soon made to rest in the arms of death within a couple of years. And then we saw the emergence of Indira Gandhi. But who is Indira Gandhi? Was she even a Gandhi? Born as Indira Priyadarshini Nehru as a child, Indira was always groomed for politics. Growing up she fell in love with Firoze Khan and married him, and in the process embraced Islam. But then it would have been a political suicide in a country where more than 90% were Hindus.
On the advice offered by Pryadarshini’s father Jawaharlal Nehru and other political experts, Firoze Khan was made to adopt the name Gandhi and Indira Priyadarshini Nehru adopted the name Gandhi as well. And thus, a Gandhi family was born that had nothing to do with the Mahatma - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
Later on, Indira’s lineage, from Rajiv to Priyanka and Rahul, this pseudo Gandhi family found themselves leaning more towards Islam than Hinduism. After all, Hinduism was a threat to their being in power, especially when the truth would be out.
When Vajpayee came to power in 1996, Congress began to see its ground being shaken. The jolt was already provided by a non-Nehruvian prime minister in the form of Narasimha Rao, and now when BJP managed to form government at the centre, this rattled the Congress camp.
Thus, began even a greater radicalization of Islam in the country. The radicals were already being appeased. The Muslim Personal Law Board was formed to legitimize all the evils existing within Islam. Polygamy among Muslim men became legal, patriarchy within the Muslim community continued to find patronage. Triple Talaq enjoyed legitimacy and was reinforced when the Rajiv Gandhi amended the constitution after the Shah Bano case and gave triple-talaq a constitutional legitimacy.
After Vajpayee came to power, congress government in different states began funding madrasas and Islamic institutions like mosques. The Waqf Board were given financial incentives. The Ram Mandir matter was delayed. Article 370 was supported and the Muslim voters began to be consolidated. Thus, began a very dangerous political engineering that ensured that even if the Muslims were in minority, by fragmenting the Hindu votes and consolidating the Muslim votes, any party or candidate could come to power.
Then the congress party began coming closer to Pakistan. Otherwise how could the Pakistanis army find the courage to attack India during the Kargil war if it was it not for the support from inside India. And then Pakistan attacked the Indian parliament. I hope you remember 26/11. And if this was not enough, the Vajpayee government was thrown out by just one vote. Thanks to the social engineering formula that the Congress Party used.
And now we have Narendra Modi: a more suave, sophisticated and a skilful politician who has proved his detractors wrong many a time. The three-times successful Chief Minister of Gujarat now has an arduous task of leading the country as the Prime Minister of India. Successfully winning the second term to office, Mr Modi has been quick to task. As soon as he resumed office, article 370 was nullified and created two union territories out of Jammu and Kashmir. Resolved the long pending Ram Mandir issue when the supreme court passed the decision rightfully in favour of the Hindus. Made triple-talaq illegal and brought the CAA to effect.
He resolved those issues within 6 months which the Congress govt could not in the last 60 years.
And in the past 6 years, he took India to that position where no one dreamt off. Rubbing shoulders with big wigs of world politics, Mr Modi took the country off to a different charter, one that called for development in the truest sense, not a bigoted growth that we had seen before. After the liberalization of the Indian economy, India has grown and did grow. But somehow, we have not seen the benefits of growth dripping down to the poor. Such a case had to be. After all the same black money was being routed through Mauritius and Singapore and being invested into India. It was not capitalism in the truest sense. Mr Modi wanted to change all that. Under his governance, Gujarat had grown by leap and bounds. Not only were the industrialists happy in the cities, the farmers prospered as well. Bringing that kind of wholesome development at the national level is going to be no easy task. And this kind of development would end two kinds of bigotry in the country: the ideologies of the left and the radical practices of Islam. The left prospered on a backward India, the same backward India that also legitimized fundamentalists of all religions.
Under Modi, it is not the Muslims who have to fear. When he was the chief minister of Gujarat for 15 years, did we see mass exodus of Muslims from Gujarat. Agreed 2002 happened. But what after that. Today, Muslims continue to enjoy the support of the government that has been formed by the BJP. It is just that the Islam that exists in Gujarat is devoid of radicalism. The Muslims in Gujarat are now more progressive and participate in the economic wheel of the state. Radicalism has been crushed in Gujarat. People are progressive. Small businessmen have found success. They do not rely on black money alone thus ending the nexus between politics and corporates. There is no room for leftist ideology in Gujarat.
Today with Modi at the helm, radicals and fundamentalists within Islam are alarmed. The leftists are alarmed. Triple Talaq has come to an end. Uniform Civil Code is on the table. That will end the Muslim personnel Law board. How can we call ourselves secular when we have different laws for different religious groups? It should be one country and one law.
The kind of development that Modi is unleashing frightens the left. Agreed jobs are down. But no one will tell you entrepreneurs have increased. Now people are self-employed. Self-employed and entrepreneurs are not counted in the jobs data survey. This is empowering the people directly. All social benefits go directly to the poor, thus cutting out middle men. This has frightened both the left and the congress party.

Today both, radical Islam and the left have joined hands. It is a marriage of sorts. Both are fighting for survival and both have become militant. The CAA, which is for the minorities abroad is being opposed by both through violent protests, destroying public property and killing innocents.

Now that the people are becoming aware about CAA, the evil alliance Is failing. The protesters do not know what are they protesting against. Some are talking about JNU violence and the fee hike, some are talking about LGBTQ rights, some are talking about throwing out indigenous Muslims, some are talking about economy, some are talking about women rights and then some diabolically are bringing in Free Kashmir. Some are even calling for Jinnah’s form of freedom, which calls for the burial of the Hindus and Hindustan.
Today the protests are confusing. The only think which is blatantly visible is the nexus of the radical Islam and communists.
Ironically communism is banned in Pakistan. Islam is banned in China and the Chinese government is persecuting the Muslims there. But together, Pakistan and China support radical Islam and communists in the country. That is why this is an unholy marriage between radical Islam and communism. Both hate each other. But now both have come together to stop liberty, freedom, economic progress and destruction of the clutches of religion. The marriage between the leftists and Islamic fundamentalists is a marriage of necessity, it is a necessity for survival.
Even in the USA, for the sake of survival, the communist elements there are working in favour of Islamization. Even in Israel during this election, we saw radical Islam and communism come together to become a potent force against a right-wing government.
France has already seen a series of terrorist attacks. Even other European countries are not safe. Australia and New Zealand are not safe.
Russia was forced to accept private enterprises. Though farcical, we do see democratic elections happening there. China has become an economic powerhouse only because it accepted capitalism. But now, even it is shrinking because this economic development has not touched the lives of common people but got concentrated into the hands of those in power.
China recently loaned a lot of money to Sri Lanka. The previous government in Sri Lanka very dubiously accepted the Chinese terms and gave away their port to China. What was the aftermath? A serious of terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka saw the killing of many of the non-Muslim majority.
Today communist China has literally got Islamic Pakistan on its tenterhooks. And this unholy marriage will not only destroy Pakistan, but also is a bad omen for the entire world.

Today the country is caught in the grip of chaos. Who are behind this chaos? If you look closely, once again you find radical Islam and leftist militant. World wide too, radical Islam and communism are responsible for mass killings. Today they hold the country to ransom forcing the government to bend by burning public property and killing innocents. This is not protest, this is black mail. And worse still, radical Islam and leftist militants are using children for this blackmail.
It is high time the people recognize this unholy marriage between Islamic fundamentalists and leftist militants. If they have become violent, we must deal with them violently. If they are outspoken and criticise progress, we must out speak them. Revenge was made to be perceived evil by those who promote illegitimate actions while simultaneously ensuring there is no backlash. If these Islamic fundamentalists and leftists are going to become a threat to India’s security, we must act against them. They have the direct support of ISI and often they have been writing in support of this unholy marriage between Islamic fundamentalists and leftist militants thus proving that these elements are nothing but the sleeper cells of Pakistan.
We must rise. Our silence helps support their evil agenda. The silence of the fragmented Hindus is the reason why a handful of Muslim brigands came to the country and ruled us for more than 500 years. Remember, if you don’t fight for your today, nobody will fight for your tomorrow.


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