May 21, 2024

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The paradox of being a communist

Communism and the left have always been hypocrites. I remember reading a line in one of the works of Ayn Rand, where she says, and I quote," Run from the person who asks you to sacrifice yourself economically for the well being of others." From animal activists to climate change activists, you see that common trend everywhere. But this time, they have crossed the height of hypocrisy. They, the communists, have always cried fowl against the rich who horde a lot of money and thus, because of which, the poor suffer. Now when an action has been taken, suddenly the government is wrong. They, the leftists, always cried fowl that the dowry system is a bigotry and promotes gender inequality. Sadly, now when the dowry seekers are affected by the curb on black money, they are criticizing the govt. The poor are suffering, no doubt. But tell me one thing, if the poor are really the poor, then do they really need more than two days to get in a line and change their currency notes. If yes, then the source of money needs to be questioned. If someone in India is not that marginalized, then can that person be called poor and is that person incapable of opening a bank account? Some are saying that they do not have money to eat, then go and bloody work, because in that case, you are supposed to not have money in the bank account. And if you have money in the bank account, then one withdrawal can at least feed you for ten days. Some are saying that they are not able to pay the tuition fees at school. Now, tell me what kind of a school it is that cannot accept cheques. And if that school cannot accept a cheque, then is the money collected by them legitimate? The property rates in some of the cities in India are amongst the highest in the world, ranking amongst the top 20 in some cases. Now, a country that ranks high in terms of hunger death and lack of supply of basic of needs to the citizens, how can that country have such high property rates? Gold consumption in a 3rd world country like India is the highest in the world. Clearly it cannot be only a cultural thing. The thing with these hypocrites is, they surround themselves with bigger hypocrites and pride themselves to be one belonging to a clan. Today, the leftist media is working even harder against Trump. Clearly they are offended because how could a country vote against the narrative they tried to feed them. Today, they have begun even a bigger character assassination of Trump. Once they advocated of an open society that is fare to LGBTQ, and today they feel offended by the naked pictures of the first lady. Trump maybe a jackass, but criticize his policies that may put America in danger, don't assassinate his character. That man never grew up to be a politician, and now he is suddenly the president of America. Talking of policies, what has Obama done except for ObamaCare which is clearly a sham. He did not take any definitive steps in his tenure.
Coming back to India, Narendra Modi is fast proving to be a decisive leader that one imagined him to be before he took office. I think he is one of the greatest political entrepreneurs the country will ever see, and if he is given another decade, he will prove himself better than most world leaders as well. I remember reading about Nelson Mandela and the kind of decisions he took, most of which never dwelled well with his peers. Never the less he moved again and proved them wrong. Today South Africa has become one of the best economies in the world. Narendra Modi is on that path, and soon we shall read about the legacy he will leave behind. The question is, will we Indians, basking and breeding in our ever glorified hypocrisy, allow him, our Prime Minister Modi, survive as a leader or throw him out with our myopic vision?

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Last modified on Monday, 16 December 2019 17:12

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