May 21, 2024

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CAB , minorities and the unprovoked hurdles created by the opposition parties

With the passing of CAB in both the houses of parliament and it being notified by president, BJP has fulfilled one of its most prominent ideological commitment of its electoral manifesto.

While it was expected that numerically fragile opposition will not be able to halt passing of CAB, more surprising was weak, jumbled up, incoherent arguments presented by opposition during the parliament debate. None of the opposition leader could cogently argue why a bill that seeks to provide comfort to beleaguered minorities from neighbouring countries could adversely impact the prospect of minorities in our country. The main opposition party conveniently and opportunistically put even Liyaqat-Nehru agreement on back burner. Pakistan never honoured it and Indian governments during Congress’ never pressed for it with urgency with Pakistan. This voluntary dereliction of duty put at peril lives of millions of non-Islamic populaces in three countries. 

The idea of their helplessness can be gauged from the fact that non-Muslims in Pakistan did not even have a constitutionally valid marriage law. Their places of worship were desecrated and dishonoured. Their cremation grounds violated, captured and denied access to Hindus and Sikhs. They were degraded socially and called Kafirs. The hapless minorities had near zero representation in parliament, judiciary, army and other government bodies.

In the light of extreme human rights violation and following the principles of human justice, people at large have welcomed CAB (this includes many who are BJP agnostics). When the politics of derailing this legislation by Congress and its secular cabal failed, they are now resorting to misinformation campaign and befooling the gullible masses that in states they are in power, CAB will not be implemented. This threat has potential to disrupt federal character of Indian Union. More alarming is news emanating from West Bengal every day, a state sharing its border with Bangladesh where flare-up is gaining momentum every day. The nature of protests in this state seems to be fundamentalist in nature and has less to do with CAB. The state government and its hot headed theological warriors are saying in no uncertain terms that persecuted Bengali Hindus be denied Indian citizenship. 

The protests by Islamists have now spread to other parts of country like UP, Bihar, Kerala, Telangana and even national capital territory of Delhi has not been spared. The intellectuals and activists are calling these acts of arsonists as peaceful protests. Opposition parties are stealthily supporting and adding fuel to the fire. Police is either a mute spectator (as in Bengal and Kerala) or if in action, it has been charged as brutal state machinery (as in Delhi). 

While it will take time for the unilateral communal fire to subside, Indians should remember the nature of conflict manufactured by opposition and their cohorts. Minorities of one country are alarmed and agitated by the reprieve provided to minorities of another country. No one anticipated it.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 17 December 2019 14:42
Savyasachi Samdarshi

Savyasachi is a writer, thinker and a motivator. He works in MNC during the day and turns into a writer by night. 

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