May 21, 2024

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Opposition risks ostracization of the Muslim Community through anti-CAA violence

6th of December,2019 was one of the bloodiest days of civil India in 2019 when we saw a number of cities flare up during the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. What became a common sight was children throwing stones at the Police, misled youngsters destroying public property and burning down buses. What was central to these rioting was skull caps and beards, a symbol associated with Muslims. We see on different platforms leaders of Aam Admi Party, Trinamool Congress, Congress Party, Samajwadi Party and others inciting the common man to rise against the government. Somewhere along these incitements, the true narrative is lost and the revenge for Triple Talaq, Ram Mandir and article 370 is heard.

Scores of people go on a rampant as Police becomes aggressive as a reaction and for a need to control the riots. False and maligned narratives is then spread through media which is leaves people berserk.

The opposition parties seem to be succeeding for a while before another wave of strong narrative in favour of CAA starts dominating the streets and this time no buses are burnt and public property is destroyed.

The public watches it all. The public is fool no more for they are not dependent on only the traditional media where the jackals howl to glorify the false victims while lamenting the true and honest. The public knows it all because social media has come to rescue it. And this time, the silent majority speaks, supports the police and allows them to crack down the rioters and meting them out a tough position. The tough words spoken by CM Yogi are applauded and shops of the rioters are sealed as many are booked and put in jails. Who won? Most importantly, who lost?

The Left fed a false narrative, became violent against those who spoke for the government, cried, played the victim game and then suddenly went silent and disappeared. At the end who won and who lost?

The paid activists of IT cell went home laughing for as long as Modi remains at the helm of affairs, their pockets will be full because the opposition parties will continue to feed them and this even more. Each word of theirs on social media endangered the life of the innocent protestor while hurting a naïve bystander or a security personnel who was doing his duty. Who won? And most importantly, who lost.

And now it has come to light how, PFI(Popular Front of India), a new face of SIMI along with many other outfits had received funding from foreign sources, including Turkey and Pakistan, and 25 of their members had already been arrested and the whole organization was being arrested. They played out their agenda leaving the Muslim community vulnerable. Who won? And most importantly, who lost?

Struggling Bollywood actors lend their names to the cause based on fallacious grounds and who themselves did not have any understanding of the Citizenship amendment act stole the limelight and made their names chanted by the media. They are cosy in their Mumbai Homes leaving the ordinary Muslims to face the brunt of the police and the general public. Who won? And most importantly who lost?

The poor Muslim community which continues to be ghettoed by its very own leaders only to be used for political gains is back into the limelight. Scores of innocent and naïve Muslims walk down the road of violence understanding little about the Act and basing their views on the false narrative fed to them by the leaders of the political party. They are used like toilet paper and left uncared as the anti CAA movement fails to general support of the general public. The activists have pocketed their daily wages and are gone. But Mother Rashida waits for her son who has been booked for rioting.

The opposition leaders have destroyed the muslim community in India. Now every one looks at them with suspicion. People fear going through muslim dominated areas as they fear they might be flamed down.  Today the cause of the muslims have become insignificant and the rest of the country begins to look at them as the extra baggage the burden of which they have been carrying for so long. In short muslims are now being hated in the country. Things had changed after 911, 2002, and December 11. The ghost of ostracization is back and this will force the muslims to go deeper into their ghettos. Any chance of modernization of the muslim community is now destroyed. The opposition leaders had their last laugh and they have left the scene but the ordinary muslim continues to cry. Because of a select view, their entire religious community will be seen with suspicion.

The fear of losing their homes may have been false before, but those educated and wise among the muslim community know very well that after the anti-CAA riots, their fear may become real. And for this it is not the saffron brigade to be blamed but their own leaders in whom they had invested so much of their trust.


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Last modified on Wednesday, 01 January 2020 19:53

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