April 16, 2024

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You may have your biasedness. You have your political leanings. But at the core of your heart, you know that the man Narendra Damodardas Modi is not one who can be corrupted easily. I have never seen political figures as inspiration. Never, Not even Gandhi. Till date, I only had respect for revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh and Azad and their likes. But now I do look up to Modiji. At 70 what must be inspiring him and keeping him motivated? He has no family, does not indulge in pleasure, I am not sure if I have heard about his guilty vices. The only thing he indulges is in clothes at times and for this, I actually respect him. He should shine. After all he is the star who leads India.
Returning to the question, what keeps the man ticking? He has no family, he does not indulge his family members as well, lives a very humble life and does not even have to worry about his lineage. People with lack of responsibilities like this are free, they wish to be free and they wish to be away from power and limelight.
You cannot doubt Mr. Modi's patriotism. He is like a rock.He love for 'Bharat Maa' is as strong a commitment as to his own life.
And patriotism is nothing but sacrifice.
So what is missing in our lives? Why are we sad, depressed, mournful and lack the spirit for starting anything new. Why are we so sapless? We have given into our guilty pleasures and indulge in things we should not. Our dopamine level is at the lowest. We are busy regretting about our past than working towards whatever future that we have.
Even at 70, the man lives and breathes inspiration in every Indian. He is at the dias of every international platform whenever India needs him, he is on the podium of a stage of any rally where BJP needs him, he there in his office when his bureaucrats need him, and finally he is there to tend to his mother when she needs him.
What a man. What a man.
He has done many things, he has said many things and he has thought many things. But never in his 25 years of his political leadership at the state and then at the country level, no one has even insinuated any charge of corruption against Prime Minister Modi, let alone a corruption charge.
Can I become Modi? Can we become Modi? Well, at least we can some of his qualities in us. That would be a good step to begin with.

So Supreme Court nullifies abetment charges against Arnab Goswami. The apex court also warned the Maharashtra Govt and all other legislatives to not to use criminal laws to harass journalists. Arnab has moved to Noida studio now. Kangana Ranaut also wins case against Maharashtra govt as Bombay High Court terms the demolition of her building as illegal and has appointed an independent evaluator to value the damage incurred by Miss Ranaut that has to be paid by Bombay Municipal Corporation( controlled by Shiv Sena. It must be noted that BMC will be paying the damages through tax payers' money and it fought the case using tax payers' money and paid more than 1 crores to the lawyers. I wonder when will people of Maharashtra wake up to this illegality.

But the good thing is that the truth has won. Arnab has won and Kangana has won too. The radical left cabal tried to destroy the reputation of both the personalities but failed. Arnab and Kangana stood their ground and refused to relent in this fight.

People, the lesson learnt here is that evil may win sometimes, maybe most of the time. But their victory is only temporary and there is no glory in their victory. Maharashtra Govt of Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress has fallen flat on its face. But the best part is, when truth wins, the victory is permanent and you have a sense of glory in it. Tears of happiness flows and there is satisfaction in the heart.

It is time we gather our courage and learn to fight. Don't give in to evil prioritizing your immediate needs. Courage and truth always wins. It is only upon the warrior who refuses to relent that the truth wins. The struggle may get prolonged and vicious, but the warriors of truth win ultimately. We may hide behind our fears, but that would be it. We would continue to hide. But if you choose to stand up and fight against evil, it is during this time you will learn what you are made of and what your true mettle is. Warriors of truth have the courage to show their face in both victories and failures but the evil runs into burrows of hiding when it sees the truth win.

Have faith friends. Let your conscience awaken and let your voice be heard. The country is changing. Our motherland India is changing. We have already become what we are. But we live for a better future where our future generation can feel proud of us and feel proud in being Indian.

Remember if there is no nation with a system, there is no US. We are all going to die one day. Why not make our years of living count?


170 Chinese companies have raised more than $2.2 trillion from the US stock market. They are biggest trading partner of the US and the largest exporter to the US. China then uses the same money to buy US bonds to lower its exchange rate and in turn create a huge debt trap for the USA in which the USA is sinking. The Chinese debt that the US govt holds is close to $2.2 trillion. All this happened and accelerated during Obama's rule of the USA. Trump actually made China pay and he was going actually going to bring more stringent rules that would have spelt trouble for China. In the mean time American citizens were busy playing video games, PubG and making shitty videos on tiktok happily earning crumbs that tiktok was doling out. China today controls most educational institutions in the USA, controls the judiciary and the worse is, it controls the democratic party which can be very dangerous in a bi-party political system in the USA. This is exactly how China destroyed Tibet and now China is on the verge of destroying the greatest nation on planet.  It must be noted that Tibet is double the size of mainland China and was far richer. First China corrupted the people, then govt and finally captured the entire country.

The world has become a cemetery. People are dying in large numbers. The existing burial and crematorium grounds are not enough. The mighty superpowers are bent on their knees. Their follies are exposed and the European and American powers have realized they are not truly powerful. In this scenario, there is one leader who is responsible for saving the lives of 130 crore Indians. He is doing his best while the antinational forces like the Jehadis and communists are hell bent on derailing his effort. He is alone in this fight and all that we do is bear silence while one man works hard to protect the entire nation. 

This is war people. Nothing less than that. It is a war unleashed by the communists on the democratic and progressive world, sending us on our knees. During times of war, all traitors and antinationals must be rounded up. They cannot be allowed to spread lies. They cannot be allowed the misinform the public. They must not be allowed to spread phobia. They must not be allowed to runa a propaganda. And most importantly we cannot let these antinationals malign the one man who is responsible for saving the lives of 130 crores Indians and who is pioneering the fight against the Chinese Virus. 

Rana Ayyub is an evil to reckon with. She is malicious, dangerous and diabolical. She leaves no stone unturned to attack democratic values while vehemently defending terrorists and jehadi ideologies. She is an evil who walks free and bares her fangs at anyone who does good for the society. In the photo above, you see how she malevolently attacks our beloved prime minister Narendra Modi who is devoting every second to save our country. 

Is this not misuse of free speech. Shouldn't persons like Rana Ayyub be arrested and made to answer and reveal her ties with terrorist organizations like Tablighi Jamaat and ISIS? She eats, breathes in India but will always bad mouth India? Is she funded by Chinese and Pakistani agencies? This can only be found out if she is arrested and interrogated. The communists in India were earlier funded by the KGB of Russia. It is the Chinese who are funding them now. We have to round up all communists and jehadis like Rana Ayyub and put them under severe interrogation. Then only will we able to find the truth. 


Will lockdown extend beyond 14th of April? A very pertinent question in the minds of every Indian. 

The lockdown was imposed on 24th of March and is supposed to be till 14th of April. In these 21 days, we were supposed to have defeated CoronaVirus. Instead we saw the increase in deaths and people getting infected. World wide bodies continue to pile and official figures are being put out. But unofficially we know that the figures put be five times more. 

On the other hand the world's largest democracy has been doing a fantastic job. As of writing this article, around 5000 people have been infected and about 120 people have died. But this is not good enough. This comes at the backdrop of fewer tests than required being conducted, lack of resources and nefarious intentions coming to the light. India has  ramped up testing, and more hotspots are being identified which can be a potential source of infection. 

The worst part of the entire narrative has been the role played by Tablighi Jamaat and a few other Islamic organizations which openly advocated boycotting the lockdown and gathered in good numbers. The 25000 odd JAmaatis have been quarantined and they are to be blamed for at least one third of the lot who are currently infected and as more investigation and testing progresses more and more JAmaatis are being found to be linked with the infection. This has sent the security forces in a tizzy and it is clear that there was a nefarious intention behind the religious gathering which intended to spread infections. 

The government is forced to consider the idea of extending the lock down. However, this is going to put a great pressure on private and public organizations and would lead to a great loss. This can create havoc on the economy. The opposition parties have been crying about the economy for a very long time. It seems there was a deep political agenda behind the spread of coronavirus. Thus, we must defeat these antinational forces and free the country of the coronavirus. If this is done, we can atleast have domestic economic activities that would continue to run. I therefore see an extension of the lockdown. And I personally believe that the lockdown would extend till April end. This would give enough time for the security forces to round up all Tablighi Jamaat-linked infected people. 

The pressure on the economy is going to be huge. But if we do not have our lives, then what is the point of having a robust economy. Economic gains can be made, but life is precious and once destroyed cannot be regained. Therefore, we must support any endeavor of the government when it announces the extension of the lockdown, even if it means taking a pay-cut. 

By April end, summer would be in full force and the heat should help decrease the spread the corona virus albeit it cannot cure those who are already infected. This still is a huge advantage. Staggered movements should begin and essential goods will be allowed to flow. Ecommerce may start functioning and online banking and all should resume with more effective customer service. Schools, colleges, coaching centers which see a huge gathering may still not be permitted, at least till May 3rd. 

If we are finally able to halt the spread of the virus, maybe if we stop transfer from people to and outside the country, we can work well as an economy which does not allow the transfer of people, but transfer of goods and services will be permitted. If imports are qurantined for seven days and delivered to the people then, I guess we will able to manage the corona virus. 

But more importantly, we need to develop a cure. We need to protect our elderly. People above 60 years of age and younger ones with bad health should continue to be in isolation. The younger lot can keep a distance from the elderly and continue to work and contribute to the economy. Maybe a fitness certificate should be given which would certify if an individual is safe to work in a corona-infected environment. 

Nevertheless, the Chinese Virus has made our lives hell. But with the right precautions, we should be able to defeat it. 

More than 35% of the infected persons in India are Tabilighi Jammatis or due to them. They have traveled to nook and corners only to spread virus. Yesterday in Palwal, a place near Faridabad, Haryana. 25 people were found with CoronaVirus. Out of these 25 infected people, 24 belong to the Tabilghi Jamaat. 

Are these numbers shocking? Yes, we are shocked too. When international flights are banned, there is a lockdown, then how come these corona infected people are increasing in numbers. Turns out the infection was growing because of these Tabilghi Jamaatis.

Seems like Ajit Doval had the knowledge of it and he immediately informed the prime minister who took the tough step of announcing a complete lockdown. Because of this lockdown the tabilighi jamaatis could not travel much and ended up infecting the members of their own community. 

For some reason, their Maulana Saad had fed in their minds that coronavirus will not affect them. Once this incident came to light, Saad disappeared.He is no where to be seen. 

Tabilighi Jamaat is spread world wide. It is an unregistered society, yet is one of the largest and most powerful Islamic organization. While ISIS fights from the front, Tablighi Jamaat fights from behind the curtains. They are the preachers, the influencers and their main job is proselytization: ie, converting others to their ideologies. They of course try to convert people of other faiths to islam, but most importantly, they are responsible for making ordinary muslims into radical muslims.  MAsood Azhar, Osama Bin Laden etc. have all been part of this organization. Unlike Al Qaida, LeT or any other terrorist organization, Tabilighi Jamaat never comes to the lime light and is always behind the curtain. 

Given that all terrorist organizations are under a micro lens, especially by the Indian Intelligence Agencies, Tabilighi Jamaat managed to slip in. This time, they flew in the preachers from Malaysia, a highly unlikely source of terrorists. But recently we have seen the attitude of Malaysia towards India. Malaysia and Turkey are two Islamic nations to have joined the league of extremism. These two countries and their leadership have been radicalized. 

Unfortunately, we have a system in India. We cannot arrest unless the crime is done. Now the crime has come to the light. About 25000 members of the Tabilghi Jamaat have been quarantined. Some have died. But even in quarantine, they have been misbehaving. They have spat on doctors and misbehaved with nurses. They have defecated in front of other rooms so that someone else is infected with Corona.

It is high time the government takes tough measures. All of these Tabilighi Jamaatis should be locked up in a big room and and then let them infect one another. We must also find Maulana Saad who is in hiding. He must be brought into the limelight and punished. The sad part is educated muslims never criticize these jehadis. This leads to the whole muslim community being criticized in the country. 

But for once and for good, all of these antinational elements must be wiped out at once. 


Boris Johnson is sick. Yes he is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He has been hospitalized. And you must already be knowing that he is infected with CoronaVirus. Prince Charles is sick too. The princess of Spain has already died. More than 65000 deaths worldwide. Europe is the hardest hit. The USA is not lagging behind. More than 300,000 infections in the USA. More than 8000 deaths in the USA. More than 1000 deaths in a day. The corona Virus has brought the most powerful country in the world to its knees. 

There is an old saying in Chinese: The win in a war is the one in which you do not have to fight the enemy. Seems like China already has an upper hand. Its old ally Russia has joined hands as well. The world was blind in its greed to pursue materialism. Money , money, money. Cost, Cost, Cost. Profit, Profit, Profit. Money-Cost-Profit. These are the only three words that mattered in the European nations and the USA. In order to gain more profit and stay competitive, they outsourced everything, including the manufacturing of their innerwears. Today China has made them naked. The European nations do not have adequate manufacturing capacity. Everything is outsourced to China. The USA too is weak. After all everything in these countries is owned by private companies. And when these private companies found manufacturing in the West to be very expensive, they set up factories in China. The best case in example is the clothing companies of Italy. They almost entire depend on China. This also led to a huge migration of Chinese to Italy. More than 3 million Chinese live in Italy. Slowly and gradually, the Chinese investors, backed by the Communist Party in China, bought out a majority of these clothing companies. Chinese investors also bought out the automobile companies like Benelli of Italy. Clothing and automobile industries are the two biggest sectors of Italy. Thus, Italy depends totally on Chinese money in order to survive. The story is no different in other European countries. China has a huge presence there especially when it went shopping for national assets after the 2008 recession, a crisis that was created by the greed of the Western Businessmen. Today Netherlands is crying fowl because the masks that have arrived from China are defective. You fool, couldn't you even have enough manufacturing capacity to manufacture medical equipments of your own.  

The timing of CoronaVirus creates suspicion. The current president of the UNSC is China. China, along with Russia has vetoed any discussion on CoronaVirus. WHO is literally owned by China whose current president was put there by China. The USA is vulnerable because it is politically unstable. It is facing elections this year. Almost all western countries depend on China for manufacturing. Japan has never had any military. Russia is China's ally. The Arabic countries will side with anyone who is powerful. All they have is royalty and oil. Not strong military. More the the radical islamic world has already joined hands with the communists leaving the democratic countries vulnerable. Pakistan has already become China's lapdog, ready to bite anyone its master commands to bite. Africa is economically weak and it does not have strong military. More so, even Africa depends on Chinese investment to survive. South Africa already is in the good books of China. Asian countries are weak. Sri Lanka is still struggling to pay off the billion dollar loan it took from China and because of which China has gained control of one of its port.  

Only two countries stand in the way of China. India and Israel: two countries which have sworn never to trust China. Israel has a conscience. It sees things in black and white. Alas its PM Netanyahu is infected with the Corona Virus. India has a strong conscience too. But thanks to Indira Gandhi, there has been a huge influx of communists who have penetrated every part of the administrative machinery of India. If they take control over our think thank and our administrative machinery, we have already lost a war to China. 

Europe has greyed. It's population is weak and elderly. The youth only know how to romance. They have a strong Socialist economy that brings them closer to China, at least ideologically. If the elderly perish in this pandemic, the youth will be depended on Chinese money to survive. 

This is not just a disease my dear friends. This is WAR. And China is already winning it. And that too without firing a bullet.  The world must wake up before China completely annihilates the world and sends her to oblivion. 

So what happened in that half an hour from 9pm to 9.30pm? I know Modiji had said to light the diyas(oil lamps) and candles for 9 min, but something more happened. Suddenly the air was full of the sounds of crackers busting, people clapping, some were beating their utensils, music began and you could hear the exhilaration of children all around. Suddenly the atmosphere was filled with joy and for a moment, for a moment I felt we were celebrating Diwali. What a moment.
So what did we gain out of it? For 10 days, sitting at home, doing the same monotonous job had robbed us of our enthusiasm. These 10 minutes substantiated for what we lost in the last 10 days. These 10 minutes gave more hope than what was lost in the last 10 days. Some people took this moment as a festival. People cleaned their homes, bathed, shaved, and refreshened themselves. They wore nice dresses and the family came together to light the diyas and the candles. What a moment.
Let not our spirits be dampened my dear friends. A depressed mind is worse than the coronavirus. Stay cheerful, stay hopeful and continue to fight the good fight. See, in the last 10 days, so many nefarious intentions have come to light. It is not just a virus my dear friends. It was a nefarious plan of China, Pakistan and our new enemy and recently radicalised nation: Malaysia. They had sent their corona jehadis to kill as many Indians as possible. The search is on, and soon we shall be able to catch them. Killing elderly people is proving to be economically beneficial to the governments in developed countries. Yet Modiji cared for the people. This is the time to unite and fight. Just one innocent diya has brightened up our lives. Who could have thought about that?

Corona Virus has shaken the world. Every day the death toll is rising as the corona virus attempts to tighten its grip over the world. The stock markets have crashed all over the world. Economies are bleeding. The world is suffering and yet, we are not doing enough. It seems we are in a perpetual fall in a bottomless sea. And only death can set us free.

Amidst the grim and chaos, the one country which seems to be rejoicing is the dictatorial, fascist and communist China. Why China, why?? The sadder part is, the world is letting China get away with its misdeeds as it tries to hide the blood stains with a narrative that is being overplayed by the leftist media that dominates the world. 

China, oh China! How did you become the epicenter of evil? You were a land of poppies, suddenly communist and Xi Xinping has created you into a monster. Xi Xinping, in his ambition to dominate the world has put the entire humanity in danger.

Many questions arise. How did the virus emerge in the first place? Well the story is as rotten and condemnable as the events that are unfolding today. China, in its ambition to dominate the world, was working on a few biological weapons at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. They favorite animal to experiment on was bat. One day, one of the bats escaped out of the cage and bit one of the workers or scientists. It then went into the wild and must have spread the virus to other bats. The Chinese eat bats as a delicacy. Goddamn Chinese. Bat is just one example of weird eating habits the Chinese have. Cockroaches, other insects, frogs and rats are their other favorites. And not only they eat inhuman stuff, they eat these creatures alive. 

So as more and more Chinese ate bats the more and more the virus transmitted. Now this is one version of the story. Another diabolical version is that China wanted to get rid of its elderly population as they had become a burden on the exchequer. So it unleashed the virus on the people killing especially the elderly and those with a weak immune system

China did not inform the world, took outside help and allowed the virus to flourish.

Now there are multiple theories here. Incidentally, Beijing and Shanghai, the two financial centers of China and almost the rest of China are safe. Only Wuhan and Hong kong suffer. The virus magically reaches Europe and America and many people die. IT is ironical that coronavirus did not spread across China.  Even America is not untouched as it has witness more than 500 deaths due to Corona Virus.

Even Africa, India and Pakistan are untouched. Almost all the economies have weakened, almost all stock markets have crashed. But China seems to be doing okay. Surprising. The story does not end here. While the markets crashed all over the world, the shares of companies became cheaper. Who was busy buying these cheaper shares? You guessed it right!! IT IS the CHINESE GOVT and its frontier companies. All of this does not come at a surprise.

More so, everything felt fishy when WHO spoke like a lapdog of China. Politicians are surprisingly quiet. Only President Trump has fearlessly chosen to call coronavirus as 'ChinaVirus.'

We cannot allow China to get away with it. All other countries should rally and fight against China. We must throw Xi Xinping out and create a way for a democratic leader. We must contain China lest it should put the who world in danger once again.

China has put the entire world in grave danger. It has fast become the epicenter of evil for the entire world. The clandestine way of functioning of this dictatorial government has put the entire mankind in jeopardy. Yes dictatorial. You read it right. It is worse than the fascists and dictators that you have seen in the world. As a matter of fact Xi Xinping has declared himself as ruler for life making him effectively a dictator of the Chinese world. The Chinese government is rich. Unfortunately, only the Chinese government is rich, and not only rich, they are the most corrupt government in the entire world. In China everything is about the corrupt communist party that rules the entire docile nation ready to believe and be manipulated by its reigning government to whom they have sworn allegiance.

There are many questions which are left unanswered?

1) Why did the COVID virus emerge only from China? Is COVID virus natural or unnatural? If it did come from wild animals, then there are other countries who tend to consume such wild animals. Corona Virus did not emerge from there.

2) Was China trying to create a biochemical weapon? If no then why did the Chinese government put behind bars those doctors and scientists who first reported the Corona Virus and the COVID-19 infection associated with it!! More so, how come the world come to know that these scientists and doctors have actually died?

3) Another finger points to the direction that the corona virus spread was mostly limited to the region of Wuhan and then jumped to Hong Kong. Was China trying to eliminate the population of these regions, particular Hongkong? Or was it because the labs were situated only in these regions. Why did not the virus spread to other parts of China like Beijing and Shanghai?

4) While the rest of China remained immuned to the virus, the rest of the world has begun to suffer? How could this happen?

5) Once the world began criticizing China, suddenly the virus vanished from the region? Did they have the cure or did they just about shoot everybody who had the virus and then burnt their bodies? After all it is a communist, dictatorial country and can do anything that it wants to do. Statistics say more than 1.5 million mobile connections have been lost in the last couple of months. Is that a suggestion that they shot down every one who had corona virus?

6) Now the coronavirus problem first began in China. Now when the rest of the world is suffering, suddenly all is good in China!! How nice is that?? Now when the shares of all companies are falling across the world, it is the Chinese companies and investors who are now buying those shares at a lower price? How wonderful. The Shanghai Stock Exchange in China continues to do well while almost all the indices of all stock markets across the world has fallen. Something fishy here? SO IS CHINA ATTEMPTING A WORLD DOMINANCE THROUGH CORONAVIRUS?

7) China is the second biggest population in the world, second only to India. Now they controlled their population by ensuring not to allow the increase of new borns at a rapid rate and that the rate remains constant. So this show that China's population is aging. And aging can be a huge problem for the Chinese government which is actually a communist government which has the responsibility to take care of its elderly. With such a huge population of elederly emerging and lower population of the young, the financial burden is only going to fall on the exchequer. So how do you decrease the burden of the exchequer? By decreasing the population of the elderly. So kill all the old.

8) This financial burden because of these social costs can be seen in the USA as well. No wonder the US govt is not doing anything much about locking down as India is doing!!

9) Blaming bats and snakes seems to be too easy a narrative to build that is totally unbelievable.

10) The world of media dominated by the leftists. These leftists seem to have a special affinity for China. The moment President Trump called out China by calling coronavirus as Chinese virus, immediately the leftist media machinery was into play to criticiize president Trump and call him racist.

11) Since, the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, China has been busy taking extreme measures to control the virus. Outside too it is busy building a narrative as being the savior and a warrior against corona virus. So China is the one who pushes someone in deep water and then China is the one who jumps into save the person. Sounds about right. So now China is showing as if it is the one who is going to save Italy when its plan is clear to enter Europe through Italy. We are witnessing the largest number of deaths in Italy across the world. The highest number of deaths are in Italy too. Italy also has the highest number of chinese living (more than 3 million). Incidentally, not many are dying from the Chinese community in Italy. Chinese investors control a lot of Italian companies, whether you talk about clothes or automobile companies. Once the elderly population is wiped, the poor, young Italians will be left to survive on Chinese money. Thus, begins the first leg of European domination in China.

China is a threat and simultaneously a menace for the world. If not curtailed, we all will be destroyed. The real virus is not Coronavirus, or Ebola or SARS, the real virus is the communist, dictatorial government of China which can destroy the entire world. The world must wake up and unite together to fight the growing influence of China otherwise tomorrow will be too late to resort to any remedial measure.

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