December 06, 2023

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170 Chinese companies have raised more than $2.2 trillion from the US stock market. They are biggest trading partner of the US and the largest exporter to the US. China then uses the same money to buy US bonds to lower its exchange rate and in turn create a huge debt trap for the USA in which the USA is sinking. The Chinese debt that the US govt holds is close to $2.2 trillion. All this happened and accelerated during Obama's rule of the USA. Trump actually made China pay and he was going actually going to bring more stringent rules that would have spelt trouble for China. In the mean time American citizens were busy playing video games, PubG and making shitty videos on tiktok happily earning crumbs that tiktok was doling out. China today controls most educational institutions in the USA, controls the judiciary and the worse is, it controls the democratic party which can be very dangerous in a bi-party political system in the USA. This is exactly how China destroyed Tibet and now China is on the verge of destroying the greatest nation on planet.  It must be noted that Tibet is double the size of mainland China and was far richer. First China corrupted the people, then govt and finally captured the entire country.

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