May 21, 2024

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The duplicity of the Mauritius double tax treaty

Modi has done an exemplary work by cracking down on Mauritius and tweaking the Double Tax treaty that we had with them. Isn't it ironical that this petite island country was the biggest FDI source in India( beating US, UK and other countries hands down). It was simple, take the looted black money out of India and then reroute it through Mauritius and invest it into India as FDI and make it white money.And on top of that, don't even pay the government any money as taxes. It was simply loot-loot-loot and more loot. The congress had refused to bring in financial reforms like complete account convertibility which scared many genuine investors from participating in India's growth story.
Through his trysts and travels across the continents, Mr. Modi has sold the India growth story. Now genuine and entrepreneurs and businessmen and investors will invest in India.
Thank you Mr. Modi for cleaning up. I am just worried that half bred mentals,who unfortunately are in the majority in this country, will not be able to understand the subtle but solid reforms that you are bringing in this country

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Last modified on Monday, 16 December 2019 16:30

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