May 21, 2024

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Arrest Rana Ayyub and their likes as they have misused the freedom of speech for long.

The world has become a cemetery. People are dying in large numbers. The existing burial and crematorium grounds are not enough. The mighty superpowers are bent on their knees. Their follies are exposed and the European and American powers have realized they are not truly powerful. In this scenario, there is one leader who is responsible for saving the lives of 130 crore Indians. He is doing his best while the antinational forces like the Jehadis and communists are hell bent on derailing his effort. He is alone in this fight and all that we do is bear silence while one man works hard to protect the entire nation. 

This is war people. Nothing less than that. It is a war unleashed by the communists on the democratic and progressive world, sending us on our knees. During times of war, all traitors and antinationals must be rounded up. They cannot be allowed to spread lies. They cannot be allowed the misinform the public. They must not be allowed to spread phobia. They must not be allowed to runa a propaganda. And most importantly we cannot let these antinationals malign the one man who is responsible for saving the lives of 130 crores Indians and who is pioneering the fight against the Chinese Virus. 

Rana Ayyub is an evil to reckon with. She is malicious, dangerous and diabolical. She leaves no stone unturned to attack democratic values while vehemently defending terrorists and jehadi ideologies. She is an evil who walks free and bares her fangs at anyone who does good for the society. In the photo above, you see how she malevolently attacks our beloved prime minister Narendra Modi who is devoting every second to save our country. 

Is this not misuse of free speech. Shouldn't persons like Rana Ayyub be arrested and made to answer and reveal her ties with terrorist organizations like Tablighi Jamaat and ISIS? She eats, breathes in India but will always bad mouth India? Is she funded by Chinese and Pakistani agencies? This can only be found out if she is arrested and interrogated. The communists in India were earlier funded by the KGB of Russia. It is the Chinese who are funding them now. We have to round up all communists and jehadis like Rana Ayyub and put them under severe interrogation. Then only will we able to find the truth. 


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  • Nikhil Sisodiya
    Comment Link Nikhil Sisodiya Thursday, 09 April 2020 13:43

    Arrest her and punish so that she will think trice before posting this bulshit ... bloody antinationalist...

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