October 02, 2023

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Citizenship Amendment Act Protests: Spontaneous or motivated?

Citizenship Amendment Act has been passed with majority in both the houses of parliament and act notified by president. The immediate consequence of this act has been bizarre and grotesques dance of street aggression and violence. Is this protest apparently against Citizenship Amendment Act is spontaneous or motivated and orchestrated?

The secular mandarins would like us to believe that this is a peaceful protest that is spontaneous and collective outpouring of anger against the bill. While no letter/clause of Citizenship Amendment Act deprives any community of his citizenship rights and aims to alleviate the sufferings of minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, it is hard to understand the game of brinkmanship being played by protesters. The home ministry and government have clearly and repeatedly that this act does not apply to any Indian citizens at all. It has absolutely nothing to do with deportation of any foreigner from India.

Let’s delve into the nature of this so-called spontaneous flair-up. The trains, buses, police vehicles have been set on fire, school buses, people and homes have been hit with stone and hospitals attacked. And most importantly these incidents have not come and gone by; rather these violent incidents have been orchestrated over a period of time and an extensive geography.

The modus operandi of this violent protest seems to time-tested trick from book. In national capital territory, the ‘intellectuals’ have created a smoke screen of student protest. There is clear act of arson and violent destruction, yet these ‘intellectuals’ are calling it peaceful protest and begging in the court of law that it be condoned as it is student protest.   This is most brazen way to plant anarchy and destroy the civil life of common citizenry. Some ‘intellectuals’ are wondering if police can actually enter varsity campus despite acts of hooliganism by students as if varsity campuses are ‘liberated zones’ within the political boundary of India and law enforcing must not chase hooligans once they are in these ‘liberated zones’.

These violent protests have also element of religious fundamentalism. One of the leading high profile Jamia protestor had this to say and needless to say these aggressive utterings are against the unity and diversity of our country. The tone and tenor of this leading protestor is overtly religious and contrary to the claims and hunky-dowry stories of secular intellectuals.

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Last modified on Sunday, 22 December 2019 06:07
Savyasachi Samdarshi

Savyasachi is a writer, thinker and a motivator. He works in MNC during the day and turns into a writer by night. 

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