March 03, 2024

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Decoding the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019

By Atul Kumar December 16, 2019 1810 0

India amended the Citizenship Act of 1955 providing a path to Indian citizenship for religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Here are the Frequently asked questions about the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. however it is sad to see how the CAA is being misinterpreted and the rumour mongerers are taking advantage of it and inciting the masses to rebel against government institutions. Here is a break down of the bill to provide some insights to the bill. 

 *1. What is Citizenship Amendment Act?*

The Citizenship Amendment Act proposes to provide Indian Citizenship to the minorities from the 3 neighboring countries – Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, who are persecuted because of their faith. This applied to ALL Minorities in those countries.

*2. What does the bill provide: *

The bill proposes to provide Citizenship to those minorities from the 3 countries who entered India on or before December 2014. Minority refugees have been staying in India for the last 4 decades.

*3. Why is this bill required now?*

These minorities have been living in India without much rights or dignity. Most came in the late 70s and early 80s, and had no rights till this bill was passed a few days ago. They have nowhere to go as they left everything in their country and fled to India to protect their lives. This bill provides them relief, so they can start their lives and contribute to society.

*4. What is the plight of the minorities in those countries? *

Hundreds of thousands of minority women were raped, murdered and forcibly converted into Islam. In many instances, such persecution had the explicit or tacit approval of the government in power. The minority population declined by 20 percent in the last few decades.

*5. What is NRC and are they linked?*

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register maintained by the Indian Govt for the identification of Indian citizens of the Assam state. The NRC in Assam was conducted as per accord signed by Rajiv Gandhi govt in 1985 and per the Supreme Court ruling.

NRC and CAA are no linked. As of now, there is NO nationwide NRC.

*6. Is this bill against Indian Muslims*

Absolutely not. It is not against Muslims. It is a blatant lie that Indian Muslims are affected by this bill. This bill only applies to those who are NOT India Citizens and those who have taken refuge in India and living in India for over 5 years, due to persecution in their respective country for NOT following the religion of the state. No Indian citizen will be asked to produce any document to prove citizenship.

*7. Can Muslims from these countries apply for asylum in India?*

Yes, just in last 5 years India has granted citizenship to over 550 Pakistani nationals, Adnan Sami and thousands of Muslim nationals from other countries

*8. If CAA is about religious persecution, why Shias, Ahmediyyas, Balochs are not included*

All these groups are Muslims, they are not recognized as separate religions anywhere in the world. As Muslims, they are NOT minorities in their respective countries. They can apply for Indian Citizenship through several other provisions that exist in India’s Citizenship Act. India has granted citizenship to many Muslims from other countries.

*9. Why some people are raising a hue and cry about it?*

People are victims of deliberate misinformation campaign run by anti-social elements.Some Political parties and groups that want to divide communities for their selfish interests are stoking violence and damaging public properties.

*10. Did India give citizenship to others from different countries or is this the first time?*

India has been generously giving citizenships to persecuted people from different countries like China, Sri Lanka, Uganda and many other countries.

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