May 21, 2024

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Decoding the Politics of Protests

There is an economic side to all this kashmir valley protest and all. There are primarily seven sections in Kashmir's social structure. There are sunni,shiya,bakarwaal,gujjar,gadriya,sikh and some kashmiri pandit.Only sunnis who are rich and have a lot of land holdings create all the tension and all this pakistan hoopla while other groups are very very much inclined towards India.
Now whenever Abdullah family is out of power, protests against the Indian govt. starts in the family. And let me tell you, Omar is a sunni scion.
So why have protests intensified in the recent past? The answer is the election of Narendra Modi and the BJP. BJP is adamant towards removing article 370 from the state as it promotes social inequality and creates more or less an ossified social and economic structure in the state. Article 370 is adamant towards forbidding investment in the state from out of state player as it does not let them have land ownership. Which investor would invest in the state without any ownership entitlement.
So you, see. These protests will go on. It will destabilize the Mufti and BJP govt. in the state. It will hinder all development activities in the state that can promote social equality. And more so, these protest will create an environment for the return of Omar Abdullah to power.
This is high time that we fight or the ordinary Kashmiri's rights. I have been there and they are lovely people. Sometimes you do get the sense that they are naive and can be easily manipulated by the richer sects of Kashmir but all together they are very lovely people.
These protests are a call for an immediate removal of article 370 in the state and blitzkrieg against every separatist leader and Pakistan sympathizer in the state. Under the garb of human rights and international support they manipulated and prospered a lot. Now is the time to put an end to all this drama.

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Last modified on Monday, 16 December 2019 16:47

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