March 03, 2024

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Modi's foresightedness saved India from the terror of Tabilighi Jamaat's Corona Terrorists

More than 35% of the infected persons in India are Tabilighi Jammatis or due to them. They have traveled to nook and corners only to spread virus. Yesterday in Palwal, a place near Faridabad, Haryana. 25 people were found with CoronaVirus. Out of these 25 infected people, 24 belong to the Tabilghi Jamaat. 

Are these numbers shocking? Yes, we are shocked too. When international flights are banned, there is a lockdown, then how come these corona infected people are increasing in numbers. Turns out the infection was growing because of these Tabilghi Jamaatis.

Seems like Ajit Doval had the knowledge of it and he immediately informed the prime minister who took the tough step of announcing a complete lockdown. Because of this lockdown the tabilighi jamaatis could not travel much and ended up infecting the members of their own community. 

For some reason, their Maulana Saad had fed in their minds that coronavirus will not affect them. Once this incident came to light, Saad disappeared.He is no where to be seen. 

Tabilighi Jamaat is spread world wide. It is an unregistered society, yet is one of the largest and most powerful Islamic organization. While ISIS fights from the front, Tablighi Jamaat fights from behind the curtains. They are the preachers, the influencers and their main job is proselytization: ie, converting others to their ideologies. They of course try to convert people of other faiths to islam, but most importantly, they are responsible for making ordinary muslims into radical muslims.  MAsood Azhar, Osama Bin Laden etc. have all been part of this organization. Unlike Al Qaida, LeT or any other terrorist organization, Tabilighi Jamaat never comes to the lime light and is always behind the curtain. 

Given that all terrorist organizations are under a micro lens, especially by the Indian Intelligence Agencies, Tabilighi Jamaat managed to slip in. This time, they flew in the preachers from Malaysia, a highly unlikely source of terrorists. But recently we have seen the attitude of Malaysia towards India. Malaysia and Turkey are two Islamic nations to have joined the league of extremism. These two countries and their leadership have been radicalized. 

Unfortunately, we have a system in India. We cannot arrest unless the crime is done. Now the crime has come to the light. About 25000 members of the Tabilghi Jamaat have been quarantined. Some have died. But even in quarantine, they have been misbehaving. They have spat on doctors and misbehaved with nurses. They have defecated in front of other rooms so that someone else is infected with Corona.

It is high time the government takes tough measures. All of these Tabilighi Jamaatis should be locked up in a big room and and then let them infect one another. We must also find Maulana Saad who is in hiding. He must be brought into the limelight and punished. The sad part is educated muslims never criticize these jehadis. This leads to the whole muslim community being criticized in the country. 

But for once and for good, all of these antinational elements must be wiped out at once. 


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