March 03, 2024

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The USA and its hypocrisy once again outshines every other evil in the world. Dear Americans, what is the end that you are trying to achieve. I wouldn't say that the attack on the school in Pakistan was good or something like that, but I would definitely say it wasn't surprising. When you breed snakes in your backyard, you can't expect them to bite only your neighbors. And yet, the Americans and Pakistanis have nothing to learn from this episode. There is no such thing as good terrorists you retards. And the bigger fools are we Indians...the Indian social media suddenly became the biggest compatriots of Pakistan and took every step to show that they are going to 'be with them' and expressed their solidarity to their fullest. Rather, it was a moment to ponder, to question as to why did this happen. Who is to blame and what needs to be the Islamic fundamentalist society of Pakistan to blame as a whole or was it a one off incident...but sadly, let's just put a burning candle in our profile picture and continue to 'express our solidarity' till this terrorist attack becomes obsolete and there is nothing so 'hip' and social about it. When are we going to become humans from buffoons?

I am quite bemused and amused by Donald Trump. I think he is going to be the greatest character in the American political history. People have called him by many different definitions and I guess no other presidential candidate would have achieved such fame(good or bad is subjective) even before the elections took place. If Repblicans are guilty of seeing a president in Trump, then how come Democrats are okay with Hillary? I guess her finest qualification is that of being a wife to the ex president.
Trump's speeches are full of pun and humour and often times his words are maligning a particular community, person etc. But given the fact to what is happening lately, the shooters within the American territory, the global expansion of ISIS etc., would people ignore the words of Trump who seems to be too direct and blasphemous in his approach. I think if Obama had taken more courageous steps during his tenure, things could be different. Anyways, there was another fool before Obama, his name was Bush. But Bush managed to pump up the American economy to great heights and delivered on a global level. Could a buffoon like Trump be the right cure to an ailing America?
I might not be in the right position to comment on the American elections, for I belong to a country where the political scenario is worse than anything else. But then, we are a third world nation and we've always looked upto America. If we managed to elect Mr. Modi after being corrupt to our soul, I guess there is hope for America and the future captain America.

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