December 06, 2023

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We sit in our comfortable homes and get all intellectual about what is happening in Kashmir. The moment a bomb explodes in our hometown's market or any other place of importance, we panic and start cursing the government for not doing anything.
Friends, have you ever realized how difficult it for the Indian Armed Forces to protect our borders as well as fight with the enemies within the border. I have many friends in the army. One of them guarded the borders 80km from town of Drass where even helicopters cannot reach. I went to Drass in the month of June and it was so bloody cold that my fingers almost fell off. Add another 8000-10000 feet to Drass and you reach the high points where are soldiers are posted. To know about the hardships that our soldiers face and to actually realize that and feel it are two different things.
I urge you! My friends! I urge you to speak up. I urge you to break your silence and support our soldiers in this time of need. I urge you to attack those who pass on derogatory messages against our soldiers. I urge you to speak for our country, our motherland, India.
The pluralism in India is its beauty. But if that is misused to tarnish the sacrifices made by our patriots who don't even ask anything in return cannot be justified. For a few TRPs, for a misguided truth, for the want of money, many Indian media houses and individuals have started tarnishing the image of our soldiers and have even resorted to spreading false propaganda.
Let us stand with our soldiers in Kashmir. Remember they sacrifice a lot so that we can sleep in peace. I wonder if a soldier is allowed to live a civilian life for 5 years before returning to his post, I am sure he would either leave his job or give two hoots about saving we double standard Indians.
The meager salary that they receive is not enough for the service they provide. Thus, don't pass on the judgement that it is their job to protect us. They do it out of passion, out of love for their motherland, out of love for their fellow citizens. I know they are fools. Fools for saving we hypocrites who can't even praise them in the time of their need, who can't even stand in solidarity with them, who can't even shed a tear when they die and instead get busy watching cricket matches.
Speak up in this time of need. Stand in solidarity with our soldiers posted in Jammu and Kashmir; for now, they are not only fighting the enemy across the border, but also a growing breed of white collar ones within the country.
Let us speak up. Let us speak up my dear friends. Let us speak. Aah! The least we can do is speak for them.

India is truly incredible

December 15, 2019

1) Salman gets 5 years for ' killing' a deer but manages to get away from being punished for running over a human being.
2) You have a 'Bharat Bandh' where people protest against Modi and blame him for the decision that the Supreme Court had taken.
3) The same Karni Sena that created a lot of ruckus against the movie Padmavati now takes a U turn to say that the movie glorifies the Rajputs and so everyone must watch it. Now the same thing was told to them earlier, that is, to watch the movie in a private screening and then decide whether the movie actually maligned the Rajputs. But no, they had to create a havoc, destroy properties, attack women and children, and then finally admit their mistake. I don't know if they can even call themselves Kshatriyas anymore.
4) We saw a huge protest for certain communities in Gujarat demanding reservation where people came in BMWs and Jaguar.
5) The deprived class of the Jats wanted reservations by looting vehicles, destroy properties and attacking people.
6) The banks gave loans to the financial fugitives many years back, but of course, it is the Modi govt. to blame.
7) We will cry about any incident on the border but simultaneously criticise the govt. for attacking the enemy through a surgical strike.
8) We don't want the reservation but want the caste system to exist and vice versa., ie, we want the reservation system to exist but not the caste system.
9) Educated professors in Kerala making claims about ' bad parents producing disabled children' and ' girls who wear jeans producing aliens or some shit' .
10) We want change but are not willing to change.
11) Women talk about feminism and change and empowerment of the weaker sex and yet, in the society, they are the first ones to comment on modern women, first ones to want a male child, and the first ones to demand dowry for their male children.
12) I last attended a book launch where the author, who was a forward caste, was writing about fighting for the rights of tribals. Incidentally, even the tribals who progress disassociate from their tribal roots and live like the forward castes. The system has benefitted so many tribals. Yet we are yet to see a movement by the tribals for the tribals where a tribal writes a book about creating a progressive road map for the tribals. Why is the ' the upliftment of the tribals' a business of the upper class.

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