March 03, 2024

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The Perfect Marriage

Every now and then a question that pops up in the minds of the 'would be getting married' people is 'Will our marriage be perfect?' Or maybe people get married with the hope that their marriage is going to be perfect. But if they were to ask the ones who are already married and if they were to answer honestly, the only truth that would come out is that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Marriage, like everything else, is a full time job. So basically, you have a job for which you go to office and then come home to another job. Marriage is responsibility. Marriage is discussion, meetings and a deal, a deal that suits both parties. And most importantly, like any other relationship, professional or personal, marriage requires many deals that are made over a period of time, often a life time. People get married thinking or believing that it is going to be all fun and pleasure. Alas, the pleasure ends the day the honeymoon ends, and it is and was never meant to be a prolonged honeymoon. Marriage is neither an insurance policy that you cash in when you are too old to be able to change your underpants. Marriage, to be honest, is a journey. And these journeys are going to have a lot of highs and lows, a lot of puddles and crashes. Like all journeys, you need to focus on the road ahead, ensuring that you are not distracted by that enticing thing passing by. Marriage is management, mostly human resource management. At the beginning you have to care for one, and soon the family grows. Only if people planned their marriages like they planned their career, things would be way smoother. But in it all, there is the heart which needs to be fed with love. And for that things need to be spiced up as well. Marriage is actually more than a job as there is no room for pretense and there is no appeasing the boss. Marriage is no charity either. It is the most selfish thing that one does for oneself. If you are not happy in a marriage how can you keep your partner happy? So what is marriage? It is more of a partnership and the company that you are investing your money and effort in is called family. So what is an ideal marriage? The definition to which varies for couple to couple. But what is more important here to understand is that before one gets married, it is important to have no flimsy idea of it and be ready to take up the responsibilities that lie ahead. Marriage is not to make your parents happy, your society happy. And if people became aware of what marriage is not, that is a job well begun, a step taken in the right direction in understanding what responsibilities lie ahead that come with marriage.

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