October 02, 2023

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Is CoronaVirus the beginning of the World War III?

Boris Johnson is sick. Yes he is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He has been hospitalized. And you must already be knowing that he is infected with CoronaVirus. Prince Charles is sick too. The princess of Spain has already died. More than 65000 deaths worldwide. Europe is the hardest hit. The USA is not lagging behind. More than 300,000 infections in the USA. More than 8000 deaths in the USA. More than 1000 deaths in a day. The corona Virus has brought the most powerful country in the world to its knees. 

There is an old saying in Chinese: The win in a war is the one in which you do not have to fight the enemy. Seems like China already has an upper hand. Its old ally Russia has joined hands as well. The world was blind in its greed to pursue materialism. Money , money, money. Cost, Cost, Cost. Profit, Profit, Profit. Money-Cost-Profit. These are the only three words that mattered in the European nations and the USA. In order to gain more profit and stay competitive, they outsourced everything, including the manufacturing of their innerwears. Today China has made them naked. The European nations do not have adequate manufacturing capacity. Everything is outsourced to China. The USA too is weak. After all everything in these countries is owned by private companies. And when these private companies found manufacturing in the West to be very expensive, they set up factories in China. The best case in example is the clothing companies of Italy. They almost entire depend on China. This also led to a huge migration of Chinese to Italy. More than 3 million Chinese live in Italy. Slowly and gradually, the Chinese investors, backed by the Communist Party in China, bought out a majority of these clothing companies. Chinese investors also bought out the automobile companies like Benelli of Italy. Clothing and automobile industries are the two biggest sectors of Italy. Thus, Italy depends totally on Chinese money in order to survive. The story is no different in other European countries. China has a huge presence there especially when it went shopping for national assets after the 2008 recession, a crisis that was created by the greed of the Western Businessmen. Today Netherlands is crying fowl because the masks that have arrived from China are defective. You fool, couldn't you even have enough manufacturing capacity to manufacture medical equipments of your own.  

The timing of CoronaVirus creates suspicion. The current president of the UNSC is China. China, along with Russia has vetoed any discussion on CoronaVirus. WHO is literally owned by China whose current president was put there by China. The USA is vulnerable because it is politically unstable. It is facing elections this year. Almost all western countries depend on China for manufacturing. Japan has never had any military. Russia is China's ally. The Arabic countries will side with anyone who is powerful. All they have is royalty and oil. Not strong military. More the the radical islamic world has already joined hands with the communists leaving the democratic countries vulnerable. Pakistan has already become China's lapdog, ready to bite anyone its master commands to bite. Africa is economically weak and it does not have strong military. More so, even Africa depends on Chinese investment to survive. South Africa already is in the good books of China. Asian countries are weak. Sri Lanka is still struggling to pay off the billion dollar loan it took from China and because of which China has gained control of one of its port.  

Only two countries stand in the way of China. India and Israel: two countries which have sworn never to trust China. Israel has a conscience. It sees things in black and white. Alas its PM Netanyahu is infected with the Corona Virus. India has a strong conscience too. But thanks to Indira Gandhi, there has been a huge influx of communists who have penetrated every part of the administrative machinery of India. If they take control over our think thank and our administrative machinery, we have already lost a war to China. 

Europe has greyed. It's population is weak and elderly. The youth only know how to romance. They have a strong Socialist economy that brings them closer to China, at least ideologically. If the elderly perish in this pandemic, the youth will be depended on Chinese money to survive. 

This is not just a disease my dear friends. This is WAR. And China is already winning it. And that too without firing a bullet.  The world must wake up before China completely annihilates the world and sends her to oblivion. 

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Last modified on Monday, 06 April 2020 11:15

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