December 06, 2023

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Ladies, you’ve got it all wrong about Kabir Singh

On June 21st, 2019 Kabir Singh got a massive opening throughout India and the world when it was released on more than 3500 screens.

A very unconventional script and a remake of the southern hit, Arjun Reddy, little did people expect that Kabir Singh would be appreciated to such an extent. The movie begins with a documentary style of boring narration before the scene where the fight among on the football ground begins and thus begins the story of Kabir Singh, the ace medical student but a deviant personality.

I won’t go much deeper to talk about the movie. You have either already watched the movie or you know the script. And if you have not, or are not willing to watch the movie because of what people have told you then you are plainly stupid. Go and watch the movie.

The movie has received widespread criticism as well, mostly from feminist groups. They have alleged that the movie is nothing but a celebration of patriarchy, male supremacy, sexism, misogyny and chauvinism. It is rude, unfeminine and lacks the best etiquettes that should be shown by a man towards a woman.

Aaah, hurts, doesn’t it?  What was so wrong about the film that it became such a hit? Or has the Indian mindset become ‘deviant’ as well?

Or should everything on screen preach the virtues of feminism and show woman lead the way, just like the gruesome Game of Thrones which ultimately becomes a battle between two egocentric women?

Well lades, real life does not function that way. Men or women alike, unless you are in a lawless state, patriarchy or matriarchy, everything becomes a choice. If the society was largely chauvinistic, then no woman would rise, and if the society was largely matriarchal, no men would rise. Agreed, woman have to struggle. But who said it is any easier for men? Agreed woman feel unsafe? But who said men felt safe in those vulnerable areas where no one should venture out alone. On the contrary, there are so many different fields where woman have had it easy, where women alone reign supreme and men don’t even stand a chance. And as such, I have never heard men complain the same about beauty products and calling it matriarchal.

But I am deviating from the point. Let us come back to Kabir Singh, the movie. So is the rude, aggressive male character of Kabir Singh all patriarchal and chauvinistic? Yes, he is aggressive, yes he raises his hands, yes he is rude and timid. But is it to dominate the weak or is it to stand for what is right?

Kabir Singh is all that a normal good, middle class boy should not be and is not preached to be as a youngster. Kabir Singh is egoistic, aggressive and does not seem to care for the outcome as long as he does what he feels is correct. Even if it means beating up the nauseating captain of the football team. Even if it means standing up to the principal of the college where he is the topper and willing to resign. Such men cannot simply be termed as patriarchal or misogynist. He is way beyond the normal conventions of the modern society. He is a rare species which is fast disappearing in this modern day, technologically driven world. What Kabir Singh is in the movie is what we call are the ALPHA MALES. Kabir Singh is quintessentially an alpha male. One who knows how to lead from the front. One who has guts to stand for what is right and people are willing to follow him to death. When have you last met such a species? You only hear them in fairy tales or fiction. Remember Khal Drogo, the warlord of the Dothraki people?

‘Love.’ You may now smile that this guy is now going to talk about love. I admit, I might not know about the deep, philosophical roots of the word ‘Love.’ But whatever little experience I have, one thing I can tell you, ‘Love’ doesn’t come easy or cheap. ‘ True Love is a rare product. Above all Love requires strength, immense strength. Love is not for the ordinary. Love is not for the weaker heart. It requires a certain degree of madness to fall in love, to be in love, to stand by love. While men who are incapable of loving can live with the idea of physical consummation, can woman do so? Alas, women are born to be loved. Feminists may disagree. But then you are a feminist till you have fallen in love. Women fall in love too early than men do. I am not just talking about infatuation. I am talking about the actual idea of falling in love. But those women who fail to find love early in their lives soon learn to live without it. They replace love with wealth and maybe security. As long as they get a man whom they control, they feel satisfied. But deep down there, they know they long for the true love. Someone who was actually a man, someone who was actually not afraid to stand for them and be ready to fight, even if it meant they would be beaten up, someone who would make their pain hers. Instead what they get is someone who tells them to look to the other side when someone makes a pass at her on the street and tells her how she can overcome her problem and then pulls the blanket over him and goes off to sleep. Kabir Singh, despite all his flaws, knows how to be in love, madly in love. He eats his own ego and bends in front of the principal? Why? Only for the girl. He cares for her when she sick. HE fights for her when someone disrespects her dignity. He refuses to shy away from kissing even if it means the girl may slap back. Yes, he is Kabir Singh and he is the true alpha male who knows who knows how to love. Ladies, you’ve truly got it all wrong.

“But then he slaps her, doesn’t he?” a feminist might argue. Yes, he does. And he does so in a truly bad taste. But then what happens. He goes berserk. He intoxicates himself with drugs and when he comes to know she is married to someone else; he drowns himself in alcohol. Yes, he becomes wild, like a wild boar ready to hump anyone and everyone. But the girls who have him are not aware of what he exactly wants. It is clearly shown in the movie he makes his intentions very well known. For Kabir Singh, it is and was always Preeti. That is, ladies and gentleman, an alpha man for you.

Kabir Singh, in all honesty, is simply a celebration of raw, uninhibited, passionate love that did not care for consequences until family got involved and created consequences. So to the critics of Kabir Singh I have only one thing say, either you are incapable of loving someone truly, or you are unworthy of true love.

So ladies, before you lament this character called Kabir Singh further, think again. An alpha male does everything with passion. He is the best in what he does. He loves with passion. If you fall in love with an alpha male, there would be no love better than the love given to you by the alpha male. Yes, in all his perfection he is going to have his flaws. Very visible and readable flaws. But these flaws would be a very small price to pay for someone who would not only be ready to die for you, but would also be ready to kill for you. Can you live with that kind of love?

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