April 16, 2024

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A leader or a Prime Minister

PM Modi is truly a visionary politician. And when I say this, I don't mean to say he does not get his hands dirty; rather, he knows when to get his hands dirty and for what purpose. I think the greatest virtue does not lie in what is right or what is wrong. Rather, it lies in the purpose behind the action, whether that action is right or wrong is immaterial. And that is what makes Prime Minister Modi different. As soon as he came to power, the first thing he did was appoint Mr. Ajit Doval as the National Security Advisor. He knew that his term as the prime minister is not going to be easy and his biggest concern is going to be national security, especially cross border terrorism. He knew that the Congress would leave no stone unturned in making his life hell. And yet, he has waded through all the murky waters and come out not only unharmed, but also clean. He turned every aggression against him into his favor. For him every difficulty was like a tide, which he used as an opportunity to set sail. His losses were calculated. Bihar was going to be a no show, given the large ignorant mass of people who would sway to religion and caste. Therefore, the opposition uniting was an end game. Yet he managed to win a fair amount of seats. The short sighted Delhities whose biggest worry in life is the electricity and water bills were in any case going to elect Kejriwal. He successfully managed to contain him within Delhi, expose his real persona and what a hypocrite he is, and make him weak in the eyes of the people. The intolerance was a surprise for sure, which did harm him. Then the Mohan bhagwat case and that Hard-Dick Patel guy did create some furor which harmed him, but he managed to still tackle it and took a very anti party and anti RSS stand which took the opposition by surprise as well. Issues like reservation, intolerance, appeasing the majority Hindus, cow vigilantes, Dalit issue, they all can be said to be fairly a surprise attack on the PM. His stand did put off some of his fans, but at large, it did win many hearts. There can be no question raised that without the muslims, dalits and OBCs, the nationa can be taken forward and he can survive as a leader, the prime minister. Yet he needed to curb the social menaces prevailing in the society. He chose a longer goal. Muslims are not a problem to the country, as some Hindu radical groups try to paint them to be. Rather, there are certain radical elements within the muslim community who play into the hands of the politicians and the foreign powers who happen to get into anti India activities. Therefore, to curb radicalism within Islam, something more is required. Something that completes the bigger picture. Therefore, he started focussing on education and economic development of the backward masses, the two biggest deterrents against radicalism. He started to attack the social ills within the muslim community in India. The campaign against triple talaq and polygamy within the muslim community has already begun. These are the two elements that belittle the women in the muslim community. And in any community, if women remain a second class, or maybe even worse, that society cannot progress. Over all, what Modi is doing is something we have not seen after the liberalization of the India economy. He is a radicalist himself, albeit a good one: a force who stands against all evils that tends to harm the motherland, and trust me, he is going to come out to be a winner.

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Last modified on Monday, 16 December 2019 17:02

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