April 16, 2024

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Understanding Modi

There is a plan, an agenda, a surety, a belief, a confidence in your actions, the inspiration that makes the nation feel stimulated. Never before has one felt that for the central govt. in India. He makes the international leaders take note, hardly 4 months into governance and he has went knocking on all the doors of international leaders and some have returned the gesture when they came knocking to India. He is Mr. Modi, the leader, the teacher, the self proclaimed highest servant of the Indian democracy. Suddenly there is a new found respect for India, a new found self respect in being Indian. Political leaders, religious, spiritual, economic, xyz leaders are ensuring that the world knows they are connected to India.... some seek opportunities, some look for allies, some look for friends while some come looking for help and guidance. A country bestowed with natural resources, has the highest man force in the world, and yet we remain as poor as ever. Governance, its essence, its importance and the impact it has; one now realizes when one has begun experiencing this governance as true governance, as good governance; as governance that one can look up to; look up to a man, who has heart of Mandela, the force of Lincoln, the charm of Kennedy and inspiration of Gandhi. India has finally found her true Prime Minister in Narendra Modi.

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Last modified on Monday, 16 December 2019 16:50

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