April 16, 2024

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“But how can you hate communism?” I was asked once by an infant little mind who was besotted to the ideals of communism. I don’t blame him. The ideals of equality enshrined in the teachings of Karl Marx can entice every middle class and poor person. But in practice, let us understand why communism fails to execute its very own teachings. The fact is, the large mass of the people, by itself, cannot form a government. Therefore, there is going to be a political party which will be representative of the people. But then, how many political parties can we have. The answer is one. Therefore, when we essentially say that everything will be of the people, we are essentially saying everything will be of the that singular party that represents the people. So essentially, we have created a dictatorial regime by choice. And when you look at the present-day China, Xi Jinping has declared himself the president of People’s republic of China for life. Even the likes of Venezuela, one of the richest countries in the world in terms of oil, is suffering today because of its communist regime. Today, all communist regimes in the world have turned dictatorial in nature.

In India too, the trend is quite similar. People here have vehemently supported right wing parties and are inclined towards them. Fearing extinction, the left leaning people have started to supported anything that is against the right wing or the ideologies that support the right wing or are supported by the right wing. What has Hindutva got to do with left or right wing? Since BJP’s ideologies are shaped by Hindutva, the Left in India have decided to oppose anything and everything that is related to Hindutva. Even if that means supporting political parties with corrupt ideologies or for that matter Islamic ideologies. The left in India have gone one step further to support even those ideologies that are antinational and work in the favour of Pakistan and China. They pay more respect to Imran Khan and Xi Jinping than our very own prime minister. Even Hindutva symbols are not spared.

The Communist Party of India which was once against the Congress Party and for which the Congress party represented a symbol of corruption have not become one of the biggest allies of the Congress Party. Even in West Bengal, the CPI seems to have no problem with Mamta Bannerji, once CPI’s biggest rival in West Bengal. This is nothing but political opportunism.

There was once a need to lean towards communism. When Nehru decided to lay the foundation stone of the Non Aligned Movement, he was hailed for not siding with the communists USSR or the capitalists USA. But when a bigger threat in the form of Pakistan as a NATO member emerged, Nehru had no choice but to lean towards the USSR and offer it certain concessions. Lal Bahadur Shashtri promised a more liberal regime that would be good for the nation, but his sudden and mysterious death and the draconian rise of Indira Gandhi led to a more diabolical rise of the Left wings who seems to have captured all important positions within the government, the art and the intellectual segments of our country. The result was: India was reduced to become a beginning bowl in front of the world until the Narasimha Rao govt rescued the country by opening its doors in 1991 to LPG: Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization. Since then the country has progressed by leaps and bounds. Alas, Narasimha Rao never got his due respect from the Congress Party.

Today, the Left wing will support anything and everything that is against the right wing, Capitalism-leaning, BJP. Today, the most number of youths joining the ISIS has been seen from Kerala, a state ruled by the communist regime. Yet the state seems to be doing nothing about it.

Infiltration is a huge problem within the country. The CAA, NRC and NPR are work towards ensuring that the infiltrators are kept out and thrown out. Yet, the Left opposes these initiatives vehemently. More so, they spread lies to provoke the entire nation against these initiatives. The left wing’s poster girl, Arunadhati Roy has even gone one step ahead and asked people to submit false information the National Population’s Register (NPR) and she went even further suggesting that they use the 1978 convicted rapists’ name Ranga and Billa as their own names. Shouldn’t such speeches be taken as acts of sedition?

India responds to terrorist activities with Balakot Strikes and the surgical strikes, and the left oppose it. They even question the Supreme Court when it announces a judgement against a terrorist. JNU today has become a cradle of antinational activities. Najeeb, who went missing a few months ago, is said to have allegedly joined the ISIS.

The Communists were once a vital force to reckon with. There were genuine issues that they stood with. The left was a voice with whom the poor and the weaker sections of the society associated with. Today they are merely prepaid activists. Where ever there is money to be made through activism, you see the left protesting vehemently. The so-called peace-loving left is did not leave an opportunity to attack an instrument of the government, Arif Khan, the governor of Kerala. Today, Areef Habib, the attacker is being celebrated by both: the followers of the communist parties and the members of radical Islam.

Today the left in India are nothing but hypocrites. They accuse others of intolerance while they are most violent. They accuse others of lying while they are the ones who spread the falsest news. They accuse the government of not doing enough for the economy while they are the ones who hold the country to ransom.

This must stop. The once rational mindset of the left has gone berserk. They must get their acts together or risk complete uprooting from Indian politics. Their presence is necessary but not at the cost of national interest. It is high time the Left start walking on the path that Karl Marx had dictated and not on the path that is decided by the highest bidder.

The USA and its hypocrisy once again outshines every other evil in the world. Dear Americans, what is the end that you are trying to achieve. I wouldn't say that the attack on the school in Pakistan was good or something like that, but I would definitely say it wasn't surprising. When you breed snakes in your backyard, you can't expect them to bite only your neighbors. And yet, the Americans and Pakistanis have nothing to learn from this episode. There is no such thing as good terrorists you retards. And the bigger fools are we Indians...the Indian social media suddenly became the biggest compatriots of Pakistan and took every step to show that they are going to 'be with them' and expressed their solidarity to their fullest. Rather, it was a moment to ponder, to question as to why did this happen. Who is to blame and what needs to be done...is the Islamic fundamentalist society of Pakistan to blame as a whole or was it a one off incident...but sadly, let's just put a burning candle in our profile picture and continue to 'express our solidarity' till this terrorist attack becomes obsolete and there is nothing so 'hip' and social about it. When are we going to become humans from buffoons?

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