May 21, 2024

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JNU Violence a cover up for anti-CAA failures and Nankana Saheb Violence

Yesterday was a black day in JNU. Not because violence happened, but because of the false narrative behind the violence. It so happened that the registration of new students and new teachers’ recruitment was taking place in JNU. The left leaning AISA led JNUSU members gathered around to sabotage the process. They had called in their supporters from Jamila Milia Islamia to help them sabotage the process of the recruitment of the new teachers. ABVP intervened and soon, lo and behold, there is violence and from nowhere masked men appeared on the campus and started beating up students. Even the security forces confirm that while the left-wing students were protesting against the recruitment of the new teachers, the security guards were beaten and stones were hurled at them.

 Now there are a few remarkable coincidences. While the violence is going on in the campus, Yogendra Yadav, a stalwart of left ideology in India is already at the campus demanding entry. Now you might think that this guy, who lives in Gurgaon, how could he reach the campus so soon. Soon the left-wing students release videos of masked men roaming around and girls running around. And the girls start running around the moment the camera turns towards them and suddenly videos are up of students who are badly beaten are shown with blood streaming. The amount of blood that streams from their head, if it were to be true, will cause loss of consciousness. But no, their first priority is record everything on video.

It is also remarkable that Priyanka Gandhi, a VVIP, suddenly has enough time to visit the students who are hurt at AIIMS. How was Priyanka ready so quickly that within an hour of the violence she is present at AIIMS? She is still unable to find time to meet the families of the children who have died in Kota?

And without wasting any time, the left brigade of Bollywood, the politicians are all criticising the violence and linking the violence to ‘fascist’ Amit Shah when Amit Shah is in another city busy with another responsibility. Suddenly the government has become violent and is a student hating government. All this while these very left students and Islamic radicals happily burnt buses and destroyed violence during the CAA protests?

Suddenly, the IT cell activists of the opposition parties are acted and the social media is full of memes condemning the violence in JNU and calling BJP a fascist government.

This JNU violence is staged because the left-wing students and teachers wanted to sabotage the process of selection of new teachers. More so, just a day before we received the news of violence at Nankana Saheb Gurduwara in Pakistan which had left the Hindus and Sikhs alike fuming. More so, Ravinder Singh, brother of the first Sikh anchor (Harmeet Singh) in Pakistan, is killed.

The Nankana Saheb Gurudwara violence puts the Congress led opposition in a bad light and provides legitimacy to the Citizenship Amendment Act which promises to offer citizenship to persecuted minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

In order to hide the failures of the anti-CAA protests and that the violence and arsonist activities committed during the anti-CAA protests had failed to incite the Hindu mobs to resorting to violence, the left wing paid activists found a new formula to play the victim card.

Let us not fall into the leftist propaganda and wait for the Police to come up with the investigation report and the truth shall soon be out. Till then save yourself from these leftists propaganda.


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Last modified on Sunday, 05 January 2020 20:11

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