December 06, 2023

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So what happened at 9pm on 5th of April, for 9 minutes.

So what happened in that half an hour from 9pm to 9.30pm? I know Modiji had said to light the diyas(oil lamps) and candles for 9 min, but something more happened. Suddenly the air was full of the sounds of crackers busting, people clapping, some were beating their utensils, music began and you could hear the exhilaration of children all around. Suddenly the atmosphere was filled with joy and for a moment, for a moment I felt we were celebrating Diwali. What a moment.
So what did we gain out of it? For 10 days, sitting at home, doing the same monotonous job had robbed us of our enthusiasm. These 10 minutes substantiated for what we lost in the last 10 days. These 10 minutes gave more hope than what was lost in the last 10 days. Some people took this moment as a festival. People cleaned their homes, bathed, shaved, and refreshened themselves. They wore nice dresses and the family came together to light the diyas and the candles. What a moment.
Let not our spirits be dampened my dear friends. A depressed mind is worse than the coronavirus. Stay cheerful, stay hopeful and continue to fight the good fight. See, in the last 10 days, so many nefarious intentions have come to light. It is not just a virus my dear friends. It was a nefarious plan of China, Pakistan and our new enemy and recently radicalised nation: Malaysia. They had sent their corona jehadis to kill as many Indians as possible. The search is on, and soon we shall be able to catch them. Killing elderly people is proving to be economically beneficial to the governments in developed countries. Yet Modiji cared for the people. This is the time to unite and fight. Just one innocent diya has brightened up our lives. Who could have thought about that?

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  • Sunny Kumar
    Comment Link Sunny Kumar Monday, 06 April 2020 10:48

    Exactly well explained....

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