March 03, 2024

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Unopposed by oppsition

People are saying we need a strong opposition or else absolute power will corrupt BJP absolutely. Tell me one thing guys, what should BJP do. BJP the should follow the principles of communism and donate any seat above 273 to Congress. Is that okay? Oh wait! Some are even suggesting that it is BJP's fault now that none of opposition parties could cross the mark of 53. Is that so guys?
It is for the opposition parties' and their supporters to introspect. Name one opposition party which is not a family business( dynasty politics) or nepotism is hugely prevalent. There are NONE. The people supporting the opposition parties should introspect and rebel against their dynasty masters so that these parties can become democratic like BJP. Then only you will find a stronger opposition.

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Last modified on Monday, 16 December 2019 15:03

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