December 06, 2023

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Will lockdown extend after 14th of April?

Will lockdown extend beyond 14th of April? A very pertinent question in the minds of every Indian. 

The lockdown was imposed on 24th of March and is supposed to be till 14th of April. In these 21 days, we were supposed to have defeated CoronaVirus. Instead we saw the increase in deaths and people getting infected. World wide bodies continue to pile and official figures are being put out. But unofficially we know that the figures put be five times more. 

On the other hand the world's largest democracy has been doing a fantastic job. As of writing this article, around 5000 people have been infected and about 120 people have died. But this is not good enough. This comes at the backdrop of fewer tests than required being conducted, lack of resources and nefarious intentions coming to the light. India has  ramped up testing, and more hotspots are being identified which can be a potential source of infection. 

The worst part of the entire narrative has been the role played by Tablighi Jamaat and a few other Islamic organizations which openly advocated boycotting the lockdown and gathered in good numbers. The 25000 odd JAmaatis have been quarantined and they are to be blamed for at least one third of the lot who are currently infected and as more investigation and testing progresses more and more JAmaatis are being found to be linked with the infection. This has sent the security forces in a tizzy and it is clear that there was a nefarious intention behind the religious gathering which intended to spread infections. 

The government is forced to consider the idea of extending the lock down. However, this is going to put a great pressure on private and public organizations and would lead to a great loss. This can create havoc on the economy. The opposition parties have been crying about the economy for a very long time. It seems there was a deep political agenda behind the spread of coronavirus. Thus, we must defeat these antinational forces and free the country of the coronavirus. If this is done, we can atleast have domestic economic activities that would continue to run. I therefore see an extension of the lockdown. And I personally believe that the lockdown would extend till April end. This would give enough time for the security forces to round up all Tablighi Jamaat-linked infected people. 

The pressure on the economy is going to be huge. But if we do not have our lives, then what is the point of having a robust economy. Economic gains can be made, but life is precious and once destroyed cannot be regained. Therefore, we must support any endeavor of the government when it announces the extension of the lockdown, even if it means taking a pay-cut. 

By April end, summer would be in full force and the heat should help decrease the spread the corona virus albeit it cannot cure those who are already infected. This still is a huge advantage. Staggered movements should begin and essential goods will be allowed to flow. Ecommerce may start functioning and online banking and all should resume with more effective customer service. Schools, colleges, coaching centers which see a huge gathering may still not be permitted, at least till May 3rd. 

If we are finally able to halt the spread of the virus, maybe if we stop transfer from people to and outside the country, we can work well as an economy which does not allow the transfer of people, but transfer of goods and services will be permitted. If imports are qurantined for seven days and delivered to the people then, I guess we will able to manage the corona virus. 

But more importantly, we need to develop a cure. We need to protect our elderly. People above 60 years of age and younger ones with bad health should continue to be in isolation. The younger lot can keep a distance from the elderly and continue to work and contribute to the economy. Maybe a fitness certificate should be given which would certify if an individual is safe to work in a corona-infected environment. 

Nevertheless, the Chinese Virus has made our lives hell. But with the right precautions, we should be able to defeat it. 

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Last modified on Wednesday, 08 April 2020 01:12

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